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Bloody Rose

A unique violin, the Bloody Rose was created by Natsumi and Bill as the "ultimate violin", later rumored to be a product of Bill selling his soul to the devil himself, which is not entirely false, in a sense. The Bloody Rose only sounds whenever a violent Fangire (Earth 2) is detected in the area, its music only heard by Kivat and Hayato, who hears it as a voice commanding him to "Fight", as it pinpoints the exact location the Fangire could be found. When played, the Bloody Rose can also disrupt a Fangire's activity. However, the Bloody Rose is sympathic to Hayato's mentality as it cracked when he fell into a deep depression. However, after repairing it, Hayato learns the Bloody Rose holds the desires of his mother, placing in it his own desire to assume Flight-Style.